Rototranslating doors

Roto-sliding doors represent a modern alternative to the most common swing and sliding doors. In fact, the opening system of roto-sliding doors involves rotating the door on its own linchpin, meaning it can be opened in both directions and reducing the obstruction caused by the opening of the door. In terms of space occupied in the internal environment of the home or office, roto-sliding doors are halfway between hinged and sliding doors.

This enables:

  • The simultaneous rotation and transfer movement of the door to take up very little space, making even small rooms accessible.
  • Greater accessibility, especially meeting the needs of disabled people in wheelchairs.
  • The double opening system provides a solution for problems linked to emergency escape routes.
A more spacious bathroom
Just reduce the size of the door to find the right space for your bathtub.
Optimizing space in the kitchen
Reduce the size of the door to better organize the spaces in your kitchenette.
An easier disengagement
Without the opposition of the doors it is easy to design an easy and very small disengagement.
A bigger wardrobe
Do you need a larger seasonal wardrobe? With our system it is possible to make space for everything.