Modern Line

Mostly smooth, coated with various types of veneer, etchings, steel profiles, custom glass, and standard or sample finishes. A thoughtfully designed, innovative, simple and essential line for modern and youthful environments, with solutions of regular, geometric design that express personality and character through the mediums of colour and wood.
The colour of the door usually depends on the type of wood and determines its tone, style and character. The wood can now also be stained, to create all sorts of effects using high quality dyes and lacquers, as well as plays on reflection and glazing, in keeping with the walls and matching or contrasting environments. Clean, functional and communicative, glass adds aesthetic detail to the doors. Colours, drawings, engravings, grinding, satin finishing and screen printing: everything can be tailored to your preferences and personal taste to make a door unique and in perfect harmony with the living environment.


The interior doors stand out for the natural warmth of the wood and the different types of aluminium inserts that exalt the beauty of the grain


The new interpretation of the pantograph feature of these interior doors, with fine engravings and dynamics, has given new life to a product that is perfectly suited to both classic and modern environments.


We recommend you clean our wood products using a damp cloth and a neutral pH detergent. Do not use acidic, abrasive and aggressive detergents. Lubricate the metal parts when necessary using acid-free oil.


On some of our collections it is possible to choose the sound-absorbing material to be inserted inside the panel. “Nido d’ape” (supplied as standard), polystyrene and perforated chipboard are the three solutions we propose to meet the different needs of acoustic insulation.